Training sessions planned for Autumn 2017.

Safeguarding Training

The Methodist Church has now developed further its safeguarding policy, particularly as regards training. Those persons whose role may bring them into contact with young people or vulnerable adults must undertake safeguarding training.  For new appointees this should be completed in the first 6 months of an appointment.  Those due for a refresher course in Autumn 2017 will be notified.  If you think you have been forgotton, (unlikely!), please contact Paul Hinton or Dawn Teague.

There is a feeling among some folk that this is a test to see if they are worthy enough to carry out their duties. Far from it! The church realises that some folk hold responsible roles where there is contact with groups or individuals who may be at risk from harm. The training is to reinforce the types of harm that can occur, and to help leaders notice any early signs. Advice is given on how to act on concerns sooner rather than later.

There are snags in that the Methodist Church will only recognise its own training sessions. Training from local authorities or organisations such as the NSPCC will not count. Training sessions are organised throughout the circuit from time to time to allow new appointees to undergo training.  There will be requirements for us all to go on refresher courses, likely at 5 year intervals.

If you have any questions, possibly not being sure if you are required to attend a training session, please do have a chat with Dawn Teague or Paul Hinton, or contact the circuit office yourself directly, to clarify matters, and in order that you can be allocated a training slot if required.