Summary guidelines for email and the internet at St. Paul's


Internet at St. Paul's

Use of the internal wifi at St. Paul's will be restricted to

   The Church Minister
   Church Officers
   Leaders of church groups
   Approved outside organisations 

All persons having access to the church password will sign an agreement regarding their use of the internet. It is our intention that we are able to make use of the positive advantages of the internet, without our connection being used for access or uploading of any inappropriate material.

Guidelines For Texting and Emailing Children and Young People by Group Leaders and Other Group Members Aged 18 years and Over.


Use of mobile phones, emailing and Facebook are a part of our lives. It is important that we should not only safeguard children and young people in our care but also ourselves. The following guidelines seek to achieve this.

Use of mobile telephones.
Texting and telephoning should be to parents or carers only when the member is a child or young person under the age of 18 (below referred to as child).

It is acknowledged that at times this may not be possible and a child may have to be contacted directly. It is therefore recommended that the following safeguarding procedures should be followed;

  • The text should include specific information only such as time, date etc.
  • Contact should be by text and a copy sent to another named adult leader.
  • Appropriate language should be used in order to avoid misinterpretation.
  • The senior leader should be informed if another leader or adult member has had to send a text to a child or children.
  • Consideration should be given as to an appropriate time to send a text - suggested time between 4.00pm and 9.00pm.
  • Parents' permission, written if possible should be obtained prior to the use of texting. If this has not been possible then parents should be informed as soon as possible and permission sought for any future situation.


Use Of Facebook and E-mailing

The above guidelines should also be employed when e-mailing or using Facebook plus the following;


    • Any messaging between leaders and a child via Facebook should be made on a group Facebook page.
    • Any group wishing to set up a public group Facebook page is to consult with the church safeguarding representative before doing so.