The newsletter for March 2019,
from our minister, Rev. Francis Neil

OK everyone, make a note in your diaries now.  Our weekly Lent meetings start at St. Patrick's on Thursday 14th March at 8pm.  Just come along, and get a taste of these get-togethers ..........

Dear friends,

I have had the privilege over the past few months of meeting with a group of 8/9 people exploring membership and what it means in the Methodist Church. We studied Scripture, shared and prayed together and explored some aspects of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus as part of the Methodist Church. Just meeting together in the way we did was a profound reminder of the significance of Band/Class meetings that were a key feature of early Methodism. These gatherings were real opportunities for journeying together in faith, deepening discipleship and being equipped for mission and evangelism in responding to God's call to each of us and collectively as the church. I looked forward to these get togethers which I found to be a real blessing.

We are approaching the season in the church known as Lent. Perhaps this could be the opportunity to gather, with two or three others [or more], over this season as we follow the biblical account of Jesus' journey to the Cross. There are lots of resources we can use to support meeting together in this way both for daily devotions and for meeting in small groups and I'd be glad to have a conversation about resources if that would be helpful.

The section on the Methodist Church website entitled 'Prayers for Lent and Easter' reminds us that 'As Christians we have the opportunity to use the Lenten period to prepare ourselves for God's great act of self-giving at Calvary'. One way we can approach this is by gathering around the word of God as we meet together in fellowship and prayer.

A prayer offered for us all and drawn from the study material we used as we met:

Jesus, open my eyes to your presence,
open my ears to your call,
open my heart to your love.
Grant me the grace to follow you,
wisdom to discern the way
and strength in time of challenge.
Help me to trust you,
and give myself to you,
so that I may follow your ways
and be your true disciple.




(If the help of our minister is needed, please telephone Rev. Francis on 01422 615910 )